Trying To Decide Between An HVAC Unit Or Window Air Conditioner? 3 Reasons Why HVAC Is Better

If you are trying to decide between installing a window air conditioner or an HVAC unit to cool your home, your choice should be easy. The clear winner here is an HVAC unit and this is for many reasons, three of which are listed below. Does Not Damage Window When you install a window air conditioner, it could possibly damage your window when you place it into the window frame. This is especially true if you do not install the air conditioning unit correctly. Read More 

AC Maintenance Is The Key To Optimal Efficiency

AC units are not self-sustained, maintenance-free systems that run in a vacuum. In the real world, mother nature and entropy wage a tag-team battle against your heating and cooling units. To keep your system running at its optimal level, you need to perform targeted maintenance to your system. In particular, you should pay particular attention to your HVAC ducts and your condenser coils. Entropic Ducts The ambient temperature will cool down your ducts during the winter, then heat up as your furnace rushes hot air through them. Read More 

3 Tips To Remember When Adding Water To Your Boiler

If you have a boiler in your home, you might love using it as a heating source for your home and family. To keep it operating as it is supposed to, however, you do have to add water to it every now and then. Your owner's manual or HVAC professional can provide you with additional guidance as to how often you should be adding more water to your boiler, but you should remember a few things when you do so. Read More 

How To Replace And Maintain A Furnace’s Thermocouple

If your furnace's pilot light is no longer staying lit, you'll have to replace the thermocouple. This sensor connects to the furnace's pilot light, and its job is to measure the voltage of your furnace. If the thermocouple is broken, your furnace will unable to operate properly. Thankfully, this part is easy to replace on your own by following these furnace repair steps. Gathering Tools & Materials Before you can get started, you'll need to gather the following items: Read More 

Industrial Humidifiers And The Meat Packing Industry: How HVAC Contractors Help You Control Air Quality And Bacteria

Industrial humidifiers are a vital part to many industries. Having the correct amount of humidity helps control a number of factors that impact the products these industries produce. One of these industries, the meat processing and packing plants, need moisture and air quality control to keep meat and carcasses fresh. However, if there is too much humidity, that can negatively affect the meat as well. Here is how an HVAC contractor can help you use your dehumidifiers to control air quality and bacteria in your meat processing and packing plant. Read More