How Humidity Levels Affect Your HVAC Unit

If the humidity levels are high or low in your home, this can cause problems with your HVAC unit. Below is some information about these problems, and how you can get the levels down or up to where they are supposed to be. HVAC System and Low Humidity Humidity levels are lower during the cold winter months, because there is less moisture in the air. When you turn on the heat on your HVAC system, this makes the problem even worse, because the heat takes the already low moisture out of the air inside your home. Read More 

Three Simple Steps To Help Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit During The Bitter Winter Months

Because you are not using it right now, your air conditioner usually takes the backseat during long winter months. However, what are you going to do when summer comes around and you find that your unit has stopped working? Winterizing your air conditioning unit is very important. It will keep it protected from the cold temperature, rain and even snow. Provided below are the simple steps that you need to take in order to help ensure your unit will be working when the hot summer months come around. Read More 

3 Easy Fixes When Your Heater Isn’t Blowing Warm Air

As the days get shorter and colder, one of the last things that you want to worry about is an issue with your heater. However, if you notice that it is about the same temperature outside as it is inside, it is a good idea to remember that there are steps you can try before requesting a service call from a heating repair technician. #1-When The Gas Heater Is Not Producing Warm Air. Read More 

3 Things You Should Never Put Down The Drain

Just as there are certain items that should not be thrown in the trash, there are a few things that should never enter your home's plumbing. Here are three items that you should avoid putting down the drain to prevent clogging and contamination, and avoid expensive repairs. Oily and Fatty Food Waste Garbage disposals are excellent for grinding up food scraps and making the after-dinner cleanup much easier, but there are a few things that your sink can't handle even with a garbage disposal. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Now Is A Good Time To Service Your Air Conditioner

Maintenance plays an important role in keeping your air conditioning system in excellent shape. With winter weather in full swing, now might be a good time to consider having your HVAC contractor check up on your A/C unit. The following explains why this winter could prove to be a great time to have your A/C system serviced. There's a Good Chance You're Not Using Your A/C System Right Now As it turns out, the best time to service your A/C system is when you need it least. Read More