4 Signs That You Should Change Your HVAC Filters More Frequently

Right now, you might not think about changing your HVAC filters very often. You might leave the job up to your HVAC professional when he or she comes out to take a look at your system or make repairs, or you might just change it every month or two when you think about it. Even if you follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to changing your HVAC filters, there is a chance that you could need to change them even more often. These are a few signs that it might be time to buy some extras to keep on hand so that you can change your filters on a more regular basis.

1. You Have Pets

Do you have pets in the home? If so, you might have noticed that their fur gets everywhere, no matter how hard you might work to groom your pets and vacuum your home. Unfortunately, not only can pet hair get all over your clothing, your furniture and your flooring, but it can also clog up your HVAC filters. This can prevent your filters from doing their job and can cause pet hair to be distributed all throughout your home through your ductwork. If you replace your filters more often, however, you can help prevent them from getting clogged and can help better manage your pet hair problem.

2. You Smoke in the House

If you are a smoker and if you smoke in the house, you probably already know that your indoor air quality is affected. Smoking in the house can pollute the air and can cause your home to have an odor, and the only thing that can fully prevent this is avoiding smoking in the house completely. However, you might find that changing your HVAC filters more frequently will help.

3. You Have Allergies

Lots of people suffer from some sort of allergy symptoms, at least during certain seasons, but if you have allergy symptoms all the time, you might be looking for some relief when you are at home. Luckily, changing your HVAC filter more often -- and looking for a filter that is designed for people who have allergies -- can help.

4. Your Home is Dusty

Have you noticed that your home is really dusty no matter how often you clean? If so, you could be wondering if there is anything that you can do about it. For really dusty homes, changing your HVAC filter regularly can help you get rid of some of this dust so that it will stop blowing throughout your home.

Even though it's a good rule of thumb to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your HVAC filters, there's a chance that you could benefit from changing them even more often. These are a few signs that you might want to consider doing so. For more information concerning Chappel's Heating & Cooling.