How To Handle Your Air Conditioner When It Is Not Producing Air

Has your air conditioner been programmed to turn on during the day, but you feel like the house is not getting cool? If so, you may want to investigate if air is actually coming out of your vents. There may be a problem that is preventing the air conditioner to turn on, which is a big reason to be concerned. Here are some tips for investigating and AC that is not working. Read More 

Why Consider Commercial Heating Repair In The Summer?

During the summer months, you don't give your commercial heating much thought at all. After all, you're into using your central air or other commercial cooling unit now, and are comfortable with the temperatures within your business. However, it's wise to address any potential heating issues you may have with your heater, whether you are using the appliance currently or not. Your HVAC specialist will help you with any commercial heating repair issues you have. Read More 

The Effects Of Low Coolant In Your AC System And How To Fix The Problem

A central air conditioning system can only cool a house when it contains enough coolant in it, and a system should never lose coolant. In other words, the same coolant is used over and over in the process, as the system is closed and should never allow the coolant to leak out. If the coolant does leak out, though, you might experience some signs that you should know about, and you will need to get the system repaired. Read More 

Tips For Deciding To Replace The Air Conditioner In An Old House You Plan To Renovate

If you're renovating an old house to live in or to flip, you'll probably make a lot of changes and upgrades to the home. One thing to consider is if you'll install a new air conditioning system. Of course, the age of the current one matters since you wouldn't want to replace a system that's just a few years old. However, if the AC is old and approaching the end of its life, then you'll have to decide if it's worth it to put in a new system before the old one breaks down. Read More 

3 Fixes For Your Air Conditioner’s Problems

Your air conditioner is an important part of your home, but it can be easy to overlook until the moment something stops working the way that it should. If you keep up with a regular AC maintenance plan, you should hopefully be able to avoid any major issues. That said, here are three problems that sometimes pop up with air conditioners and some suggestions for what you can do to fix them. Read More