A Few Signs You Need To Contact A Technician For Emergency Services For Your Heater

Sometimes, no matter how well you maintain your heater, it is going to fail. This could be due to a major part breaking down or the whole unit aging. If you do not want to wake up to a cold house in the middle of winter, you need to know the signs of trouble and contact an HVAC company to send a technician for emergency services. Here are a few things you need to look for and pay attention to if you hope to have your heater repaired before it breaks down completely.

Increased Energy Use

While it is normal for a heater to use more energy as the winter grows colder, it should increase at the same rate as the temperature drops. When your heating bills increase too high and fast, it is because the heater is working too hard to try and keep up. Not only is this a sign something is wrong, it is also very bad for the unit. If left unrepaired, more parts will break down and fail until you will eventually need to have the heater replaced.

Heater Running Constantly

You do not have to wait for a heating bill to know that your unit is overworking and something is wrong. When you notice that your heater seems to be running constantly, or a lot more than normal, it is working too hard. Pay attention to how often you hear it kick on and off. If it has only been a few weeks into the billing cycle, you can get the repair to save money and your heating system.

Flame Color

It is important that you keep the area immediately around the heater clear of boxes, belongings, and debris. As you check and clean the area take a peek in at the flame color in the unit. A gas heater that is running efficiently should have a steady, blue flame. If the flame is yellow or red, carbon monoxide may be leaking from the system. Not only is this indicative of poor performance, it is also dangerous to your family and any pets in the house. You need to contact a professional to come and service the heater as soon as possible, asking for emergency service.

A heater can last a long time with proper maintenance. This does not mean that it will never have serious issues during its life. However, the sooner you catch a problem and have it repaired the longer your unit will last and the lower your heating bills will be. Contact a company like A & E Heating and AC Inc for more help.