Three Furnace Problems You Can Run Into This Winter

When the temperatures outside drop to below freezing temperatures, your furnace works hard to help keep your home warm. However, using your furnace more means that there is a greater chance of the appliance breaking down. Here are some furnace issues you can run into this winter.

Frequent Cycling

Furnace short cycling is when the unit turns on and off frequently, rather than run continuously to heat your home. Short cycling puts a lot of stress on the motor and can lead to it breaking down prematurely.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to troubleshoot a short cycling furnace, and you may need to bring in professional help to figure out what the problem is. There could be an issue with one of the internal components of the furnace, the temperature outside being so cold that the furnace cannot keep up with the weather, or a lack of insulation that contributes to the temperature dropping quickly after the furnace shuts off.

Continuously Running Blower

Another part that can be malfunctioning is the furnace's blower. It will typically run only when the heat is on, unless you have settings set for the fan to run beyond that to cycle the air. Be concerned if the blower never shuts off, since it is a sign that you have a malfunctioning blower.

Start by checking your thermostat settings. If the fan is turned off, then have an HVAC repair technician look at the furnace limit switch. It may be broken and stuck in manual override mode, which would require replacing the part with a new one.

Cool Air

If the air coming out of the vent isn't warm enough, it is as good idea to take a look at the air filter. All air that goes through your ducts passes through the air filter, and it could be the reason why the air feels cooler than usual.

Air filters that are clogged due to not being changed regularly can actually impact the temperature of the air by the time it is pushed through the filter. There can also be issues with filters that are the wrong size, which restricts the airflow coming out of the heat exchanger. Dirty air filters can also play into other furnace issues, such as contributing to more wear and tear and damaging parts.

For help diagnosing and fixing a furnace related problem this winter, reach out to a local HVAC specialist that performs furnace repairs.