4 Boiler Problems That Need To Be Checked By A Heating Professional

Most people don't pay attention to the operation of their boiler until it develops a problem. But regardless of the boiler type you have, the reality is that you can prevent problems from arising by scheduling regular maintenance. That said, even with annual service, boiler parts will still undergo wear and tear, and you'll ultimately need to seek repairs. With that in mind, here are common problems you're likely to encounter with your boiler.

It Has a Leak

When you notice water dripping from the boiler, ensure that you seek prompt help from an experienced heating technician. Note that different things can cause boiler leaks. For instance, there could be holes along the pipework or damage to the pipe seals. In some cases, you could be dealing with a major heater problem, such as extensive corrosion on the internal parts or the heat exchanger. More importantly, you should address water leaks promptly to avoid mold problems that may cause significant damage to your home.

It Has Low Pressure

Your unit requires optimal pressure to supply your entire home with the hot water it needs. If the pressure falls below the normal level, you have an issue within the system that needs to be addressed quickly. In most cases, you'll experience a boiler pressure drop if your system leaks, particularly where the pipes bend. If there aren't any leaks, try to re-pressurize the system with the steps highlighted in the user manual. More importantly, contact your heating contractor for repairs if you don't notice an improvement.

You Can Hear Odd Sounds

When you hear unfamiliar noises from the unit, it signifies a problem that requires urgent repairs. For example, if you notice whooshing sounds, the air intake pipes may have a debris build-up, or the air filter is likely clogged with dust. Alternatively, knocking sounds may arise when the heating pipes contract and expand. While this may be normal, ensure that the piping isn't tightly fitted to the floorboards.

Hot Water Doesn't Come from The Boiler

When the boiler runs but doesn't produce hot water, chances are the thermostat setting is too low or the batteries are dying. If the thermostat seems to be working fine, the other thing to check is whether the pilot light has gone off. In such a case, you want to verify that you don't have a gas leak before following the manufacturer's guidelines to relight it. Note that a power supply issue can also cause this problem, so confirm whether or not the circuit breaker has tripped. If none of these issues causes your problem, contact a technician for more diagnostics and repairs.

On the first sign of any of the problems mentioned above, seek the timely help of a boiler service technician. Note that overlooking minor repairs can lead to serious problems that may require boiler replacement. Reach out to local boiler services to learn more.