Are Your Air Ducts Leaking?

When a heat wave is prevalent during summer, you likely rely on air conditioning for comfortable indoor temperatures. However, it can be disgruntling when you retreat indoors to find your AC not working as efficiently as before. Because spotting leaky ducts can be difficult since they are concealed, you should engage an AC repair professional. They will diagnose your unit for leaks and fix them for optimal cooling performance. The following are four signs that your ducts are leaking air:

An Increase In Your Utility Bills

If you notice your utility bills rising without a correlating increase in your AC usage, your ducts could be leaking. As such, cool air escapes before it gets to the intended destination. Consequently, the system struggles to attain the set temperature. This leads the unit to run longer in an effort to keep your home comfortable, consuming more energy. Therefore, you should engage an AC technician to repair the leaks and help save on energy costs.

Uneven Temperatures

You may notice a considerable difference in room-to-room temperature when the ducts are leaking. Typically, your AC should distribute cool air evenly across your house to attain a comfortable temperature setting. However, a leaky duct will force air into the unconditioned spaces, causing cold spots. As a result, you will find some rooms cooler than others, and some might not even cool down. Thus, it is imperative that you hire an AC contractor to assess your system. They identify the leaky duct sections and resolve the problem for consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Making Your Home Excessively Dusty

Leaking ducts may cause your home's interior to become very dusty. For example, your ducts may detach due to constant expansion and contraction. The consequent leaks can then cause dust to be forced into the ducts. This leads to dust circulating in your house, compromising the air quality. Since a dusty atmosphere can aggravate respiratory complications, you should contact an AC repairer to safeguard against this issue. The technician will eliminate the leaks in your ducts to help optimize indoor air quality.

A Need for Frequent Repairs

Leaky ducts cause air to escape, preventing the thermostat from reaching the set temperature. This leads to the system overworking and remaining on for longer as it strains to cool down your home. Consequently, the additional stress on your system to deliver the required cooling output causes it to wear down faster. This results in more frequent system breakdowns, which require constant repairs to sustain the unit's performance.

Leaky ducts cause an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere, so you should schedule routine maintenance with an AC repair expert to ensure your system operates at peak functionality. 

For more information about AC repair, contact a local professional.