Is Your AC Freezing Up? 4 Repair Solutions To Consider

Most homeowners depend on air conditioners to maintain the desired temperature during the hot summer. Even during the hottest months of the year, air conditioners might have a layer of ice. The ice might get thicker the longer your air conditioner runs. This doesn't necessarily mean that your home is getting cool air. The problem affects your unit's ability to cool your indoor space. Therefore, you should call a qualified repair technician to perform the following AC repairs.

1. Changing Air Filters 

Blocked airflow is one of the main reasons coils freeze up. When you have a dirty air filter, there's low airflow, which causes the evaporator coil to receive less air for cooling. If the coil fails to receive sufficient warm air, it might freeze because it is idle. Your AC contractor can replace or clean the air filters. This should allow sufficient hot airflow past the evaporator coils to avoid ice build-up.

2. Fix Refrigerant Leaks 

The refrigerant helps transfer heat out of the system and regulate temperature. If the refrigerant line is punctured and starts to leak, it could lead to very low refrigerant levels. This can cause the left fluid to become too cold, causing the system to build up ice. It is important that you schedule an appointment with the AC repair technician to inspect the leak source, seal it up, and refill the refrigerant.

3. Fan Speed Repair 

If the fan in your AC is too slow, ice could accumulate in your system. A malfunctioning fan will give the evaporator coil enough time to accumulate ice and reduce system efficiency. Avoid DIY fan repairs since the fan could injure your arms during the operations. Instead, contact an AC contractor to do it. Other underlying problems like a broken belt or faulty blower motor might cause the fan to run slowly. The contractor will determine what repairs to make to restore the system and avoid frozen coils. 

4. Unblocking Drainage Pipes 

Condensed water often drips down into a pan that drains it out of the system. If the drainage pipe is blocked, the liquid dripping from the system could freeze. The ice might build up and spread, affecting the coils. This might lead to system inefficiency and high energy consumption. However, your AC repair contractor can unblock the drains to save you from AC coil freeze-up issues. 

A freezing AC is inefficient and frustrating. If you notice ice build-up anywhere on your air conditioner, consider setting an appointment with a repair contractor for further diagnosis and timely intervention.

Reach out to an AC repair contractor to learn more.