3 Malfunctions An Air Conditioning Contractor Will Fix To Prevent Your AC From Running Endlessly

If you're in the middle of a heat wave, you don't expect your air conditioner to start acting up. Unfortunately, this can happen, especially if your unit wears out or some of its parts break down. These malfunctions can cause it to run endlessly, wasting energy, driving up utility bills, and shortening its lifespan. The good news is that an air conditioning contractor can take care of this problem for you. These professionals are trained to spot and fix common HVAC malfunctions and can get your gadget back up and running. This article breaks down three malfunctions these professionals will fix to keep your system running efficiently. 

Dirty Filters

Your air conditioner's filters catch all the airborne particles in your home, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. These particles can build up and clog the filter, restricting airflow and causing it to strain to cool your home. It may also waste energy and lead to other problems like frozen coils and ice buildup, leaks, and structural damage. An air conditioning contractor will remove the front panel and either vacuum the filters or replace them if they're damaged beyond repair. This will restore proper airflow and prevent your appliance from working overtime.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a vital part of your appliance because it absorbs heat and cools your house. If there's a leak in your refrigerant line, your air conditioner may run continuously to compensate for the lost liquid. This can result in a total system breakdown and other serious issues. A technician can carefully diagnose the problem and find the source of the leak. Once they've determined the issue, they'll refill your refrigerant line and test your system to ensure it's working correctly. They'll also seal any leakage points to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat is what tells your gadget when to turn on and off. Unfortunately, it may stop working efficiently, causing your unit to run for long periods without turning off. This can be a real mess, especially during the hotter months, since it may cause your energy expenses to skyrocket. An air conditioning contractor can inspect it and ensure the calibration is appropriately set and the wiring is secure and free of any damage. If that doesn't solve the problem, they'll replace it.

If your cooling appliance has any of these problems, don't hesitate to call an air conditioning contractor. The sooner you get these issues fixed, the better.