Is Your AC’s Fan Motor Failing? Find Out

An AC unit is necessary for hot and humid regions, and an AC fan is an essential component that circulates cool air throughout your home. Since a fan motor is under much wear and tear, it may give out unexpectedly, causing weak airflow. Therefore, if you experience insufficient airflow, contact an AC repair contractor to assess your fan motor and fix it. If inoperable, they will replace it. The following are the signs that indicate a failing AC fan motor. 

The Fan Won't Start Even When the Unit Is On

The motor could be defective if the fan fails to run after the AC unit powers up. When the fan short-circuits, the evaporator coils freeze over because of insufficient air supply. This traps warm air in the ducts, leading to energy losses. Since fan damage strains the AC's function, you should hire an AC specialist to replace your fan motor for proper air distribution.

The Fan Keeps On Running, Even After the Cooling System Is Off

If your fan constantly runs after powering the AC down, your thermostat could be faulty. When there is a huge temperature discrepancy between the thermostat setting and the room temperature, your AC fan will continue to run to achieve your preferred temperature. Additionally, an undersized AC will overwork itself trying to cool your space by operating your fan even when switched off. Therefore, you should engage an AC technician to check whether the thermostat is faulty and replace it. Moreover, if they establish that your AC is too small for your needs, they will suggest a rightly-sized replacement.

Reduced Rotation Speed

It can be frustrating when an AC fan runs, but the blades rotate slowly. This results in a lower and weaker airflow from the vents. If your AC unit operates the fan at different speeds, check to see if it's working at any setting. If not, the motor bearings are grinding on each other, slowing the motor or the motor capacitor is defective. Hiring an AC expert will ensure they lubricate motor bearings and replace blown capacitors for optimized fan speed.

Distorted Fan Operation

If your blower motor runs irregularly, it could be overheating, causing it to shut down. On the other hand, if the fan motor winding has no resistance, you could be dealing with a short circuit, causing the circuit breaker to trip. An AC professional must rectify the electrical-related faults for the AC's safe operation.

You must understand the warning signs of your fan underperformance early to seek AC repair service for peak and effective operation.

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