4 Common Problems That Indicate You Need To Schedule AC Repair Services

When retiring to bed, you probably leave the AC running to cool your house and make the night bearable. But today, you woke up drenched in sweat: what happened to your AC? You are likely to experience such problems if you ignore early warning signs. This piece will discuss some common issues that show you need to call the technician for AC repair services.

1. Defective Motor

A fan motor is a vital component in a functional air conditioner. The component works to blow away the heat towards the compressor. The nature of its work makes it vulnerable to overheating. The wire insulation connected to the blower motor could fall apart and cause a short circuit.

It could also mean that you have an obstructed drain line that tampers with the power unit. Maybe the switch is defective and cuts off the power to the blower motor. Let the technician diagnose the problem and offer the best solution.

2. Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat allows you to send commands to the central system in the AC. If you set a temperature on the thermostat and the AC fails to produce cool air, something could be amiss. Start by checking the batteries and replacing them. Cross-check if the thermostat is turned to cool mode. Call the technician to inspect the system and solve the issue if the system fails.

3. AC Won't Switch on

If you switch on your air conditioner and it fails to respond, switch it off and call the technician. You could be looking at a faulty circuit breaker that prevents electric current from flowing into the central unit. The problem could also be from malfunctioning electrical wiring.

4. Refrigerant Leakage

Maybe you already discovered this problem recently and chose to refill the refrigerant. However, refilling it without fixing the source of the leak offers a temporary solution. Therefore, you need to hire a repair technician to find the leak and repair it.

The technician will inspect the system to identify the leak. If the hole or crack is in the valve, copper lines, access port, copper tubing, or evaporator coils, the expert will solder them to seal the leaks. Schedule the repair immediately to prevent other issues.

Whichever problem you have, it is best to turn to professionals for help. The technician will diagnose the problem, provide a suitable solution, and ensure your safety. Remember to schedule routine inspection and maintenance services to minimize AC issues.

For more information on ac repair services, contact a specialist.