Is Your Furnace In Need Of Repair? 3 Commonly Overlooked Signs That It’s Time To Schedule A Service Call

If your home's furnace stops blowing warm air, the need to schedule a service call to get this issue repaired will be quite obvious. However, the need for furnace repairs is not always quite so easy to detect. This is because not all issues with your home's heating system will result in your system failing to function. In many cases, the need for furnace repairs will simply impact how efficiently your furnace operates. It is neglecting to address these types of issues over the long term that often leads to more severe issues which render the furnace inoperable. That is why it is so important that you learn to identify some of the most commonly overlooked signs that it is time to call an HVAC contractor regarding furnace repair services. 

Changes In Your Energy Bill

While you should expect to see a difference in your monthly energy bills during the heating season, this increase should be rather predictable and remain consistent throughout the winter months. If you notice a spike in your monthly energy bills or if your bill continues to rise despite rather consistent use of your heating system, this is a sign that something is causing your furnace to work harder to keep your home warm. Scheduling a service call will allow you to determine exactly what is causing this issue and make the necessary repairs so that you can avoid waking up one morning to a freezing cold home because your furnace stopped working.

Changes In Air Flow

Oftentimes you will see evidence of problems with your heating system in the flow of air throughout your home. Some of the most common airflow problems include:

  • A reduction in the amount of air coming from your vents
  • A change in the temperature of the air
  • An uneven distribution of airflow

If you notice any of these issues in your home, there is a good chance that your furnace is in need of repairs.

Changes In Cycle Frequency

Another common symptom of furnace problems is a heating system that is cycling on and off more frequently. While this particular issue can also be the result of issues with your insulation or air leaks within your home, it is still important to the function of your furnace for this issue to be addressed quickly even if the problem does not end up being with your furnace directly. This is because frequent cycling will put extra strain on your furnace which can ultimately cause it to break down. To learn more, contact a furnace repair service