3 Tips To Help You Spend Less On Cooling Your Home This Summer

Unfortunately, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home during the hot summer months can often result in significantly higher energy bills. The good news is, while you may not be able to avoid an increase in your energy costs altogether, you can help to greatly reduce the cost of this increase by choosing to utilize the three tips outlined below.

Have Your Cooling System Serviced Before Summer Arrives

Even minor issues with your home's cooling system can result in significantly higher energy bills as your cooling system is forced to work harder to accomplish the task of cooling your home. Having your AC system professionally inspected and cleaned prior to the onset of the summer season will allow you to identify any minor issues and have them repaired before they result in more significant damage. Not only will this make your cooling system more energy-efficient, but it can also help you to keep your repair costs to a minimum and avoid a system failure during the height of the summer heat. 

Be Sure To Change Or Clean Your Filter

Your air filter plays an important role in protecting your cooling system from dirt and debris that can prevent it from working properly. However, over time the dirt and debris that are caught by this filter can leave the filter clogged and prevent your air conditioning system from being able to effectively pull in air. This can result in a wide range of issues from a decreased airflow throughout your home to your cooling coils freezing over and causing a total system failure. Thankfully, you can avoid these issues and keep your cooling system running at maximum efficiency by taking the time to change or clean your air filter each month.

Make Use Of A Programmable Thermostat

If your home is not yet equipped with a programmable thermostat, you may wish to consider investing in this invaluable piece of equipment. While the thermostat itself is relatively inexpensive, it can help you to save a ton of money on your home heating and cooling costs. This is because with the help of a programmable thermostat you can easily customize your temperature settings to accommodate your schedule so that you never need to sacrifice comfort in order to avoid energy waste. For instance, instead of leaving your air conditioner running all day just so that you can return to a cool house after work, a programmable thermostat will allow you to set your cooling system so that it automatically turns on an hour or 30 minutes before you are scheduled to return home. 

For more information about cooling systems, contact a local HVAC contractor.