Dealing With The Hidden Mold Problems In Your HVAC Ductwork

When you think about mold, you may be thinking about problems with water damage. The moisture that causes mold issues can be found in many areas of your home. The areas that are often affected are HVAC ductwork. Therefore, there may be serious problems with mold that you have to deal with in the ducts. The following information will help you with the mold problems that start in ductwork:

Causes Of Moisture In Ducts

Various issues can cause problems with mold in ducts. Sometimes, these issues are due to poor ventilation or other water damage. Some of the most common causes of moisture getting into ductwork include:

  • Problems with insulation that cause condensation inside ducts
  • Poor ventilation problems that cause moisture problems
  • Leaks and mechanical system problems that damage ducts
  • Problems with condensation due to high humidity where ducts are installed

These are some of the most common causes of moisture getting into the ductwork. As such, these are problems that will also need to be addressed during mold removal.

Locating The Most Affected Ducts

When there is mold in the ductwork, there will likely be some ducts that are more affected than others. These areas may have significant damage and need more than mold removal. Some of the most damaged ductwork may need to be replaced. This will ensure problems with mold are properly cleaned up and that they do not return in the ducts.

Removing The Mold From Ductwork

The next step in the mold removal process is to get the mold out of the ducts. Any mold from other ducts, the air handler, and other HVAC equipment will need to be removed. This process will involve thoroughly cleaning the system to ensure the mold is gone. In addition to the ducts, the removal service will also clean up other areas where the spores have begun to spread.

Improvements To Prevent Future Ductwork Mold Issues

In addition to the mold removal for HVAC ductwork, you also want to invest in improvements. When replacing some of the sections of ductwork, improve the insulation to prevent moisture problems. You may also want to improve ventilation in areas like crawl spaces and attics. You also want to make sure there are no leaks or other maintenance problems that need to be repaired.

These are issues with HVAC ductwork mold growth that you will need to have cleaned before they affect your family's health. Contact a mold removal service for more information.