Issues With Furnace Blowers That Cause Your Heating To Heat Poorly Or Not Work

There are many different issues that can cause your heating to go out. Often, these issues are due to the blower not working properly. These issues could be due to something as simple as an air leak. They can also be bigger problems like the motor of the blower wearing out. The following issues with furnace blowers are problems that you may be dealing with this winter:

Dirty furnace blower causing wear and restricting airflow—The problem with blowers connected to your furnace is that there are several things that can cause restricted airflow. Often, these problems can be avoided by keeping your system clean and doing regular maintenance. The wear and damage to blowers that may be caused by lack of maintenance include:

  • Blockage due to dust and debris
  • Damage to the blower from pests
  • Wear of wiring due to dust and debris
  • Restricted motors due to dirt and debris building up

These furnace blower problems can cause issues with your heating and need to be repaired by an HVAC technician before they get worse.

Problems with worn electric motor parts causing blower issues—The blower of your furnace uses an electric motor that is connected to the fan. The motor has parts like bushings that can wear and cause the heating to not work correctly. Problem with your furnace's blower motor include:

  • Bad relays and electrical components
  • Noises due to worn bushings, gears, and fan parts
  • Damaged blower fan causing noises and poor airflow
  • Failing electric motors due to wear

The electric motors of furnaces often have problems that can be repaired easily if you catch them in time.

Worn or damaged furnace blower wiring that needs to be repaired—Wear can also cause serious damage to the furnace, blower, and other components of your household heating. This wear can be wiring and electrical parts that need to be replaced. Electrical wear and problems that may cause your furnace blower to not work properly include:

  • Wiring damaged due to overheating
  • Dry wire insulation that cracks and causes short circuits
  • Short circuits of wiring and control panels for the blower and furnace

These are electrical issues that affect blowers and other parts of your furnace, which may need to be repaired if your heating is not working efficiently.

These are issues with furnace blowers that could cause your heating to go out this winter. If your blower is causing your HVAC to not have airflow, contact a furnace repair service for more information.