4 Common Home Heating And Cooling Problems

You rely on your heating and air conditioning systems to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. A malfunctioning HVAC system can lead to physical discomfort and increased utility bills. Don't let HVAC issues get out of control. Allow an HVAC repair service to fix your air conditioner or heater. Give a repair specialist a call if you notice any of the following problems:

1. Your AC or heater keeps turning off.

It's normal for air conditioners and heaters to cycle on and off. Typically, your appliance will run until it reaches the target temperature, then cycle off to maintain that temperature. An improperly set thermostat may be to blame. If your thermostat has not been adjusted without your knowledge, insufficient airflow may be the culprit. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow to your furnace or air compressor, forcing your appliance to shut off prematurely. An HVAC repair specialist can clean your air filters to permit air to circulate freely.

2. Your AC or heater is blowing air at room temperature.

Heating and cooling systems do two distinct jobs: adjusting the air temperature and circulating it throughout your home. If your heater or air conditioner is only performing one of these functions, there is probably a problem in your system. If you own a gas furnace, your pilot light may have gone out. An unlit furnace may still blow cool air throughout your home, but it will not heat anything. Air conditioners with insufficient refrigerant may also blow warm air. An HVAC specialist will determine the source of your problem and perform the necessary repairs.

3. Your AC or heater is leaking.

Some water drippage is normal during the operation of HVAC appliances. However, excessive amounts of leaking may speak to a different problem. A clog in your appliance's drainage pan or line can cause water to drip onto the floor. Leaks should be treated promptly since excess water can damage electrical appliances. An HVAC repair specialist can remove clogs from your air conditioner or heater.

4. Your AC or heater is not properly adjusting the temperature.

If the performance of your heating and cooling appliances has degraded over time, some internal components may be worn down. The motor may be functioning sluggishly, or there may be a leak in one of the air ducts. An HVAC repair specialist will examine your system to figure out why your AC and heater are no longer performing up to standard.

To learn more, contact an HVAC repair contractor.