The AC Installation Guide to Efficient Air Conditioning and Solar Ready Systems

If it is time to have a new air conditioner installed, you want to find the most efficient solutions. In addition to an efficient AC, you may want to have a modern solar-ready system that can be connected to solar panels and other renewable energy solutions. The following guide will help you invest in the right system for your home:

1. The Best AC Systems for Solar-Ready Cooling

Today, there are many more options for AC installation, and some systems are more efficient than others. Some of the most efficient systems that you will want to consider for a solar-ready AC include:

  • Heat pump AC units
  • High-velocity AC with compact ductwork
  • Ductless AC systems with mini-split heat pumps

These are the most efficient air conditioner designs for a solar-ready AC installation that can be powered with solar panels and other renewable energies.

2. Important Home Improvements Before AC Installation

The AC installation is not the only thing that needs to be done if you want your system to be solar-ready. It is important to invest in home improvements to reduce energy loss before the system is installed, which include:

  • Improving and repairing windows
  • Stopping air leaks at vents and other areas
  • Improving thermal barriers and insulation in air-conditioned spaces

The right home improvements will make your new AC more efficient, and make it possible to operate the air conditioner with a solar panel array, wind turbines or other renewable energy systems.

3. Planning the Air Conditioner Installation

It is important to plan the installation process. You want to try to schedule the installation for a time when the weather is not too hot and when you will be able to be home to talk to the AC installation service about work that needs to be done. If you can try to plan the installation for a time of year when the weather is nice outside, you will have fewer problems with the installation due to heavy rains and storms that can cause delays and other issues.

4. Installing the AC and Getting Help Connecting Solar Energy

The last step in the process will be to have the new air conditioning system installed in your home. The system can be connected to existing solar panels and wind turbines to power the cooling if you already have these systems installed on your home. If you are planning on future solar energy investments, talk to the AC installer about coming back to connect the air conditioning once the new renewable energy systems have been installed on your home.

These things will help you invest in the right air conditioning for an energy-efficient, solar-ready cooling system. Contact an AC system installation service for help planning the energy-efficient cooling and making sure it is solar-ready.