Reasons To Consider A New Boiler Installation

Do you have a boiler in your home? If so, you may wonder how to determine when you will need to get a new one. These appliances are like other appliances in your home in the sense that at some point you will need a new one. Repeated boiler repairs are not only an inconvenience, but they can also create a financial strain. This is why an HVAC contractor who frequently services a boiler at a location might recommend a new boiler installation. The following points will help you identify why you should consider investing in a new boiler.


If you have an older boiler, it likely has manual controls. Upgrading will allow you to take advantage of modern features. You can choose to have digital control of the new boiler. This will allow you to change the temperature settings. You can do this via the electronic device of your choice via an app designed to work with your boiler. You may also want to use other features of modern boilers with app control such as zoned heat control. This will allow you to custom set the temperature for different areas of your home.

Energy Savings

The older your boiler is the more likely it is contributing to excess energy consumption. Upgrading will ensure that you have an energy-efficient boiler. This aids in savings on energy bills. In some cases, the savings are significant enough to assume that the boiler upgrade will eventually pay for itself due to energy savings. 

Resolved Repair Concerns

If you have been making frequent repairs, you will appreciate not having those worries with a new boiler. Even if your new boiler needed repairs, the warranty will likely cover most repair issues as long as the issue is not something caused by you. 

Peace of Mind

Owning an old boiler may leave you always wondering when it will stop working. There is also the uncertainty of when a repair will be needed. This can happen even if you ensure that you get maintenance performed as recommended. If you have concerns about your carbon footprint, a new boiler will ensure that you have a boiler that is environmentally friendly. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to understand your existing boiler. If they suggest an upgrade, they can offer concrete reasons for their recommendation. If your boiler is significantly aged, finding parts for a boiler repair might be difficult or impossible. This is enough to prompt some homeowners to proceed with upgrading to avoid repair delays and frustration.