How To Handle Your Air Conditioner When It Is Not Producing Air

Has your air conditioner been programmed to turn on during the day, but you feel like the house is not getting cool? If so, you may want to investigate if air is actually coming out of your vents. There may be a problem that is preventing the air conditioner to turn on, which is a big reason to be concerned. Here are some tips for investigating and AC that is not working.

Check The Thermostat

It is always worth it to start by checking the easiest component to fix. Your thermostat is the brains behind your home's HVAC system, and it could be the reason that the air conditioner is not kicking on. Start by replacing any batteries inside the unit, since low power may be enough to prevent the thermostat from sending the right signal to the air conditioner.

You may also be dealing with a wiring problem. If a pest chewed through one of the wires going to your air conditioner, it may be what has blocked the thermostat from turning on the cold air. This can be a harder problem to diagnose on your own, hire an HVAC contractor to further investigate the problem for you.

Check For Electricity

There are two ways that you can tell if the air conditioner is receiving electricity. Start by looking at the circuit breaker of your home to ensure that the circuit for the AC has not been tripped. If it's turned on, head on out to the air conditioner and take a listen. If the thermostat says that the air conditioner should be running, you want to listen for a humming sound coming from the motor. If so, this means that the compressor is getting electricity, but the motor in the compressor is damaged and not running. You'll need professional help buying and installing the right replacement part for your motor to get it up and running again.

Check The Drain Pan

Some air conditioners have a drain pan where water collects before going into a drain. If the drain is clogged and the pan fills with water, there may be a float that activates and turns off the air conditioner. You'll need to check the drain pan to make sure that it is not filled with water, and that the float is not in a stuck position that is giving a false reading on the drain pan levels. 

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