The Effects Of Low Coolant In Your AC System And How To Fix The Problem

A central air conditioning system can only cool a house when it contains enough coolant in it, and a system should never lose coolant. In other words, the same coolant is used over and over in the process, as the system is closed and should never allow the coolant to leak out. If the coolant does leak out, though, you might experience some signs that you should know about, and you will need to get the system repaired.

Signs of a coolant leak

If the coolant is low, there are several signs that can help you know that this is what the problem is. The first sign is that your house will not be cool. You may hear your system running a lot, but the house will never cool off to the temperature that you would like it to be. Secondly, low coolant will often cause a system to run more often. In other words, when the coolant is low, your system might just keep running. It might also run for a few seconds and then shut off. A few seconds later, it might kick back on and then off. This is called short-cycling, and this is a common result of low coolant in an AC system. Low coolant will also cause the coils in the system to freeze up, simply because there is not enough coolant circulating through it.

The repairs you will need if you have a leak

When a system has low coolant, an HVAC company will not simply refill the system with more coolant. If the system is low on coolant, the coolant had to escape somewhere. In other words, there is a leak or hole in the system. If you do not find and repair the source of the leak, it will just continue to leak, even after more coolant is placed in the system. Because of this, an AC repair company such as Any Season Heating & Air Conditioning will have to find the source of the leak before refilling the system with coolant.

The two main areas an HVAC company will check for a leak are the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. These two spots tend to be prone to leaks; however, there is a chance the leaks might be somewhere else in your system. The goal is to find the leaks, seal them or replace the parts, and then replace the coolant in the system.

If your system is not operating as it should be, contact a company that offers AC repairs to get your system fixed and running well.