Tips For Deciding To Replace The Air Conditioner In An Old House You Plan To Renovate

If you're renovating an old house to live in or to flip, you'll probably make a lot of changes and upgrades to the home. One thing to consider is if you'll install a new air conditioning system. Of course, the age of the current one matters since you wouldn't want to replace a system that's just a few years old. However, if the AC is old and approaching the end of its life, then you'll have to decide if it's worth it to put in a new system before the old one breaks down. Here are some things to think about that may help you make your decision.

A New AC Might Help The House Sell

If you're flipping the house, then a new air conditioner will be a selling point for the home. Since a new air conditioner is expensive, potential buyers may balk at buying the house if they think the AC will need to be replaced in a couple of years. A new air conditioner may even raise the value of the home so you get some of the money back when you sell the house.

Installing A New AC Is Convenient When You Renovate

If you plan to live in the home yourself, then installing a new air conditioner when you're renovating makes sense because your home will be undergoing major changes anyway. This allows you to make changes to the air conditioning system if you need to, such as move the condenser outside to a better location. Plus, when the renovation is over, you won't have to worry about any major expenses in the near future if you install a new HVAC system at the same time.

You Can Avoid Wasting Money On Repairs

When an air conditioner is old, you have to weigh whether it's worth it to sink money into repairs or if you should just buy new equipment. Get an inspection and advice from an HVAC technician and base your decision on the condition of the components. If repairs seem likely in the next few years, then replacing the system before you need to make repairs could make the most sense. Plus, you'll benefit from having a new energy-efficient air conditioner in place. Plus, if you add on to the home, then the old AC may not be large enough to handle the added space.

By having the AC inspected by a professional, such as from CNR Air Conditioning Inc, you'll understand the current condition of the air conditioner so you can plan on replacing it in a few years if the current one can handle your needs now. If you keep up with annual maintenance and cleaning, you may even stretch the life of the AC longer than you expect.