3 Alternative Energy Solutions For More Efficient Radiant Heating This Winter

Soon, winter weather will be here and your heating is going to be on and using a lot of energy to keep you warm. If you are considering alternatives to a more efficient heating system, radiant heating will give you the options you were looking for. Boilers can be powered by different alternative energy resources, such as biomass and geothermal. Here are some of the alternative energy solutions that you will want to consider for a more efficient heating system to keep you warm this winter:

1. Using Geothermal Heat Pumps with Radiant Heating Systems

One of the best choices of energy to make your HVAC system more efficient is a geothermal heat pump. With geothermal energy, you will have a complete system that works by exchanging thermal energy beneath the surface of the Earth. In addition to conventional HVAC systems, geothermal heat pumps can also be used with boilers to help improve energy efficiency. If you have an existing radiant heating system, talk with an HVAC contractor about adding a geothermal heat pump to make your heating more efficient with alternative energy.

2. Solar Solutions for Radiant Heating and Energy Savings

Solar energy can also be used in different ways to provide your home with an alternative energy for heating. Today, solar water heaters are more efficient than ever and can provide a boiler with a thermal exchange to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate a radiant heating system. There are several types of solar water heaters to choose from, which include simple collectors for an affordable option and tube systems that are more efficient. You also have the option of using solar panels to operate electrical heating systems.

3. Using Biomass Fuels for Energy Savings with Radiant Heating Systems

Another type of alternative energy that can be used to power your heating system is biomass. Biomass boilers use organic waste that is dried and burned as a fuel source. The great thing about biomass boilers is that their options for different types of fuels, such as firewood, wood chips, and pellet fuel materials. The biomass burners can sometimes be adapted to replace conventional oil and gas systems.

These are some of the alternative energy solutions that you will want to consider for a radiant heating system. If you are ready to save on your heating this winter, contact a heating and air conditioning contractor and talk with them about some of these energy alternatives for radiant heating.  

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