3 Point Checklist For The First Things To Check When Your Heater Stops Working

With the cold weather setting in, it is time to start using your heater. Some of the problems with your heater may occur when you need your heating most. In the middle of a cold spell, you do not want to be without your heating. Here are some things that you can do when your heater stops heating when you need it most:

Checking The Thermostat To See If It Is On And Set To The Right Setting

The thermostat can be one of the simplest problems to fix when your heater is not working. First, check to make sure that the heater is switched on and that it is on the heating position if you have both heating and cooling. The thermostat may have other problems that are causing your system to not heat. You will also want to check things like batteries and settings on programmable thermostats. Sometimes, the settings can be wrong on a programmable thermostat and changing them can solve your heating problems.

Checking Breakers, Shutoff Valves, And Relay Switches To Ensure They Are On

Breakers are another issue that you will want to check with your heater. In addition to checking the main breaker, there are also relay switches that can get turned off. If you have a gas system, check the valves to make sure that they are in the on position. Sometimes, the heating element of the system can become dirty and reduce efficiency. A heating contractor can help clean these parts to get your heater working again.

Checking Vents, Drainage Lines, And Outdoor Heat Pumps For Blockage Restricting Airflow

Dust and debris can also cause blockages of your system, reducing efficiency. The vents are the first thing you will want to check. Make sure that they are all open, clean, and unblocked. Make sure the return vents are also clear of clutter. In addition to the vents, check the filter and make sure that it is clean and properly installed. You may also want to check condensation drainage lines and outdoor heat pumps that can become dirty and reduce efficiency. These simple maintenance tasks can improve airflow and ensure your heater is working as it should be.

Doing the cold weather, you may want to check some of these problems when your heater stops working. If you cannot get down to the bottom of the problem, contact an HVAC service to help you identify the issues that are causing you trouble.