Three Simple Steps To Help Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit During The Bitter Winter Months

Because you are not using it right now, your air conditioner usually takes the backseat during long winter months. However, what are you going to do when summer comes around and you find that your unit has stopped working? Winterizing your air conditioning unit is very important. It will keep it protected from the cold temperature, rain and even snow. Provided below are the simple steps that you need to take in order to help ensure your unit will be working when the hot summer months come around.

Remove Dirt and Debris

A little dirt and debris around your air conditioning unit is expected, however, too much of it can cause your unit to experience blockages, which could cause your unit to go out altogether when you turn it back on for the first time in the summer. Take the time to clear out anything that shouldn't be there. Leaves, small sticks and branches can wedge themselves between your units fan blades and will cause them to seize up. This task it simple and doesn't take much time.

Protect it With Plywood

It is very important that you cover your air conditioner unit with a piece of plywood. Your air conditioner has what is called a condenser unit and it is exposed at the top. One of the biggest threats that your unit will experience during the winter is falling snow or dirt and debris after a heavy storm. To prevent this from happening, place a piece of plywood on top of your air conditioning unit and hold it in place with a brick or a heavy rock. This is ensure that nothing gets inside and causes harsh damages.

Turn Off the Power

It seems easy enough to turn the power to your air conditioner while it is not being used. However, more often than not, people are either unaware that this is a precaution to take or they forget to do it altogether. Turning the power to your air conditioner off will help to ensure your unit doesn't short out during heavy rain or a major thunderstorm.

It is easy to forget all about your air conditioning unit while it is not in use, however, it is crucial that you protect it during the winter months. Not taking the necessary precautions to cover and protect your unit will only cause damage to your unit and stress to you when summer comes around again.

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